Lots of Stupid

There is no shortage of stupidity. No back orders. No out of stock. There is plenty for everyone. It does seem that some people have way too much stupidity, and others have so little. Stupid can dress up pretty and fool a lot of people. If someone is not paying attention, stupidity can slip in and wreak havoc. Stupidity argues with reality, and it never wins.

So what is stupidly? Why do some people, and some nations, keep repeating the same mistakes and expect that this time it will turn out differently? Experience is the best teacher, but unable and unwilling students are goofing off, or day dreaming and miss the lesson. We will never have the “war to end all wars” because the problem: war, can’t be stopped by more war. The solution for a problem usually comes only when we step out of the stupidity fog and look at the problem with new eyes and fresh perspective. We have to know that we don’t know, and this humbles us enough to get curious. I will borrow another’s words, because I am not stupid and recognize and admit Gordon Livingston M.D.says things much better than I.

The most lethal combination of character traits, for men and nations, turns out to be arrogance allied to ignorance. Knowledge helps us manage fear. Stupidity thrives in the absence of curiosity and is frequently disguised by ambition and a relentless perseverance… .
From: the thing you think you cannot do
thirty truths about fear and courage

In other words, a stupid person is likely to be believed if he sounds certain, has charisma, and his supporters possess a good dose of stupid themselves. The current campaign for the highest office in the land needs fact checkers to evaluate and correct the “facts”asserted by candidates. “Don’t  confuse me with the facts” please, and we all know it was curiosity that killed the cat after nine lives.

Why think for yourself when you have an entire belief system that your church supplies? Science is the devil, and evolution and global warming are lies. There is faith, and there is stupid. I have faith, and I try not to cross that line to stupidity. I have a brain and a heart, and I intend to consult with both until I am gone. So be curious, ask questions and think for yourself.
Don’t be stupid!

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