Ice Melt

I hate ice melt. God knows what’s in it, and it always ends up on the carpet, hardwood floors or entry rugs. It travels far on the soles of boots and shoes. Those little crystals are irritating inside, but can be lifesavers outside on the slippery sidewalk. I finally broke down several years ago and bought ice melt that is not harmful to doggie feet. My little doggie Mia went running out the door onto the deck, intent on emptying her bladder, and almost slid off the deck. There is a railing, but the bottom is 4 or 5 inches off the deck. This is high enough for Chihuahuas to fit under, and the drop is eight feet or so to the ground! Now ice melt is a winter staple.

As I was scattering ice melt this morning I noticed how quickly it works. Little holes appear in the ice within a minute, and soon ice and snow are melted. The City of Fort Collins gives homeowners 24 hours to clear their sidewalks. If the City does the sidewalk they charge the homeowner a hefty fee. I walk a lot, and walk my dogs, and I really do appreciate ice free sidewalks. I think daggers when sidewalks are not cleared and are very slippery. It seems a young lady, (able bodied) homeowner down the street is not a compassionate person. After several snows and uncleared sidewalks, I turned her in to the sidewalk police. People do not bounce when they fall, and my old lady bones are vulnerable to fractures. My point? If you don’t care about your own safety, be compassionate and act to protect the welfare of others. Maybe I am the old biddie down the street, but is compassion ever out of style?

Day of Mourning

Inauguration Day

Let me introduce you, Mr. Trump, to the office of the President of the United States. Because you are very smart, perhaps you have heard of the office of the President. If you are confused, ask Putin to explain it to you, he seems to have a good grasp on the office of President Trump.

My dog, Roscoe, dubbed His Royal Naughtiness due to the peach pit incident, is more Presidential than the Donald. He may occasionally sniff a crotch, but he is a dog after all. I have never seen him “grab a pussy”.

Inaugural Prayer

Not so sweet.
God Help Us!

Give him a chance you say. Not until he gives Muslims, Mexicans, women and LBGT.s a chance.


Today I went through a car wash. In neutral, hands off the wheel and no braking, I was just pulled along. It was wonderful! Secluded in the tunnel and only the sound of water spray and slap of the heavy cleaning strips to lull me. Please can I just go around to the front and do this again …and again? A car wash is my respite. Pathetic, right? Another benefit would be a very clean car.

Respite : a short period of time when you are able to stop doing something that is difficult or unpleasant or when something difficult or unpleasant stops or is delayed

Because I am breathing and human, life sometimes offers “…something that is difficult or unpleasant….” Prior to the car wash I spoke to a group of CNA students at Elderhaus, the adult day program I work for. I was the voice of the caregiver and family, and an educator about Lewy Body Dementia. I never imagined that life would bring me to this event, this day. Respite is vital for caregivers. No one is capable of being on duty 24/7 365 days a year. While caring for Roger, my supply of patience and compassion got dangerously low more than once. I needed respite to fill up my cup and build myself back up. Elderhaus was there to give Roger a safe, caring and stimulating place to spend his day, and to give me respite. Too bad I never thought of the car wash then.

Danita’s CarWash and Respite. We clean your car and your soul. Coffee or tea, headphones and music or guided meditation of your choice. 10, 15 or deluxe 30 minute wash and Respite.
Pay attention, open your heart and offer to give an overwhelmed caregiver respite. Someday you may be that caregiver who is too proud to ask for help.


I have been working on a jig saw puzzle, and progress has been slow. I have pieced together the outside frame of the puzzle and am filling in. It’s only a 100 piece puzzle, but I am a novice. Please no snickers from the 1000 piece folks! Sometimes I make very little progress, and I just can’t see a way to fit any pieces together. If I leave the puzzle for several hours, usually I will see an obvious fit as soon as I sit down. It is comforting to know when I finish I will have the picture on the box. There is only one way the puzzle pieces fit , so I do not need to be creative, just persistent. I will keep at it.

I suspect God switched puzzles on me, because I’m having trouble imagining my puzzle will look like the picture I have in my head. I have lost the instructions for building the stairway to Heaven too. Please email me if you have them. Puzzles are usually worked from the frame or edges in. Life is the opposite, the frame is added last. At the moment of death, all unused puzzle pieces disappear, and what is done, is done. How do I want to put the pieces of my life together? There is a slogan in Al-Anon,” Don’t force the solution” i.e. if I just push a little harder I can make these puzzle pieces fit. I know that I just need to try harder. This never works! Unfortunately forcing pieces to fit is my go to response, and I waste a lot of time in denial, anger and sadness. If I find where I belong, I may be the pivotal piece that connects large areas of the puzzle for myself and others. It’s all about knowing and accepting myself. I will fit somewhere.

What if there are missing puzzle pieces? There are always missing pieces in life puzzles, it is unavoidable. When Roger died, pieces of my puzzle just didn’t fit anymore, so I had to throw them away. I can’t fill the empty spots I have in my puzzle. These spaces aren’t really “empty”, they are filled with the losses I have experienced in my life. I can go on putting the pieces I have left into my puzzle and be grateful.

Did you know?
I typed the word pizzle several times when I meant to type puzzle. So if I am piss poor at puzzles, than I pizzle at puzzles! This amused me. Then I thought I should google “pizzle” to make sure it is not a word. Google pizzle? Pizzle means the penis of an animal. I am not making this shit up!

1 : the penis of an animal
2 : a whip made of a bull’s pizzle
Origin: probably from Dutch dialect pezel; akin to Low German pesel

Please use “pizzle” in a sentence and keep a straight face.

The White Stuff

The sky is falling and its coming down in beautiful white crystals. Shit! I gotta shovel my driveway and then worry about what condition the streets are in. You know there are lots of idiots out there. I get to wear my cool boots though. What about the pinched nerve in my neck? I’m sure shoveling snow will help that…

Winter in Colorado is quite the mixed bag. There are lots of snow bunnies and bunnies in the snow. Sweatshirts proclaim “Let it Snow!”, and locals and tourists hit the slopes by the thousands. The ski industry is a major contributor to state revenue. Swoosh! I am not a skier, and I doubt I will learn now at 64, but you know it might be fun to snowshoe. I wonder how much it is to rent snowshoes for a day?

Snow days were the best when I was a kid in Iowa. Sometimes when we went to bed it was snowing, and I prayed for some wind. Wind plus snow equals blizzard. It was such a wonderful feeling to be “out” of school on a school day. Possibilities were endless. If conditions improved by late morning, we could get outside to build snow forts and fire our snowball weapons at each other. I had so many brothers and sisters that armies could be called up for active duty at a moments notice. Our mittens were soaked and our hands burned with the cold, but what the hell we were having fun.

Adults can be such fuddy-duddies, me included. Even as a teenager, I hoped that snow would not call off an event I was really looking forward to. Adult responsibilities for shoveling, cleaning the car off, and dressing your toddlers in those spacesuit/snowsuits took some of the joy out of snowy days. At least watching your toddlers walk like little spacemen was pretty funny.

Roger and I seldom let the snow keep us from our early morning walks. Dressing to go out in the snow was time consuming and required a lot of motivation. Windchill was the deciding factor for me. The frost on our eyelashes was a pretty effect, runny noses not so much. Roger always had cold feet so getting and keeping his feet warm was priority. I regretted not having a hat too many times so finally learned to have one in my pocket just in case. We were often the first set of footprints in the snow, explorers in the wilds of the city.

I am writing at my coffee shop, so obviously I got my driveway shoveled. The streets are getting less snow packed and mostly just wet. The coffee keeps me warm while I look out at the light snow. Slush is next, but for now it is just another snowy day in Colorado.