A Penny For Your Thoughts

I’m experiencing a financial pinch right now,  It’s actually more like a financial crush. Money is quickly flowing out, and I dont see a little Dutch boy giving me the finger.“Things will get back to normal. Its just a rough patch.”; this is what I tell myself. But I had an “Aha”moment this morning— this is “normal’!   Shit happens, and happens again and again. I just need to accept that life is what it is, sometimes good and sometimes not so good. Things won’t “settle” down. Since Im retired, my financial picture is not going to change dramatically, unless I win the big lottery prize. I’d prefer to  spend my money on desirable outcomes, but sometimes I have to spend my money on responsibilities. I have to fix my car, my teeth, my shower, or take care of my rascally Roscoe who has allergies. I also choose to spend some of my money at coffee shops and at thrift stores and on travel and lots more. 

What strikes me as I write this is how many sayings and proverbs we have about money. One of my favorites is by Ron Kittle, “ I’m so broke I can’t pay attention!” Better to laugh than cry, I say. When I see an ugly purse thats a thousand dollars because its a Louis Vuitton, I remember that Paris Hilton once asked “Whats a soup kitchen?” and it all makes sense.  I have mixed feelings about being rich,-you know the noble poor idea, but I’ve decided I can be rich AND noble if the opportunity presents itself. Money does not determine my worth and it’s O.K. for me to have the money I need. For much of my life I thought that being rich or being financially comfortable was not something I deserved. This is b.s. Money is not the root of all evil, but what is true is that people with lots of money have more choices than people with little money. Luckily, the choice to be happy is not primarily determined by how much money I have. I agree with Pablo Picasso, “I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money.” Not sure how that works!

Luckily, Mother Nature offers her gifts for free. This is my neighborhood this week.