The Good Old Days

“When I was young…” —bring on the eye rolls. Young adults seem to think that my generation grew up in the Stone Age. We hunted dinosaurs and rubbed sticks together to start a fire. Fred and Wilma Flintstone lived next door. To be fair, I guess black and white T.V. with only 3 channels available is primitive. We did have electricity, running water, hot water and toilets that flushed. In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, when I was a girl playing outside I sometimes used the outhouse that was still standing and in pretty good shape.  It was easier than making the trek back to the house if we were playing aways away. (The expression “aways away” seems to be a Midwest expression, because I never hear it in Colorado. It means not  close or some distance from your current location.)

I grew up using a phone that was hung on the wall, and this single phone was used by everyone in the family (13 children +Parental Units). If we wanted privacy on the home phone we stretched the cord out the front door onto our front porch. This was nice in summer, but winter not so much. Going from dial phones to push button phones was a big deal. I never imagined that texting would be a way to communicate and thumbs would be used to type. Taking pictures on our phones? What? This tiny phone or tablet can take great photos?  With cell phones, news is passed in seconds. Birds twitter and tweet, but birds are not what we are talking about these days. Can someone get Trump off of Twitter? Please. Unfortunately, in literally seconds, misinformation is spread and bullying and harassment can happen. Everyone knows in an instant and rumors and lies can be shared exponentially.  Fact checks are done after the damage is done.  Some victims of bullying have been driven to suicide. On the flip side, cell phones have saved many lives. We can call for help, or get critical information. When time is a matter of life and death, cell phones can make the difference.

We have smart phones and smart T.Vs. Have we gotten smarter?  I doubt it!  Don’t even get me started on Facebook: leap forward or nemesis? I use a smart phone to call, text, get email and the internet.  I am not as fast and adept as my son, but I have learned. I use my iPad to write and  Facebook to publish my writing. Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole of checking on my “friends” lives. Human beings have a drive to communicate and be part of a “tribe” but the people on our various screens are not touchable. It is often pointed out by people from my generation that kids don’t know how to talk with each other anymore, but I suspect  teenagers  have never known how to talk with each other. The emotion of love is felt the same and learning to express ourselves will always be a challenge. Cell phones, computers and Facebook are tools we use. Are we being used?

 I suspect my going forward is easier for me than going back would be for young people. How would they ever adapt to no cell phones and having to get and physically go to the TV to change channels?  Gotta go.  I have to get the animal skins washed at the river, stoke the fire and see what Nog is doing. Why is he so excited about this round thing?

Puppy Speed Dating

Doesn’t this make you smile? For Valentines Day one of the brew pubs in town, in partnership with an animal rescue organization, is having an event that allows donators to visit with each adoptable puppy for a short time and decide which one to adopt. Conversation will be limited, but cuddling is allowed. I can’t go because I would want to adopt them all. Puppies go with everything! The Denver Firefighters put out a calendar every year that features 12 hunky firefighters holding puppies, some without shirts (the firemen not the puppies). Can you imagine how quickly it sells out?

So since my dog Roscoe is my man for Valentines Day, I thought I would write a Valentine note to him and tell him how much I love him. After all he is a better man than most of the men on my dating site. 

Dear Roscoe,

When I look into your big brown eyes I see love and devotion.  When I get home you are always happy to see me and you never quiz me about my day.  Although you have a close relationship with neighbor Larraine, I know you have never cheated on me. You never come to the sofa or bed angry, your feet aren’t cold and you are always willing to cuddle with me. I don’t have to cook 5 course meals, simple dog food is always fine with you. You love to take me for walks everyday and when it’s cold outside you take short walks so I don’t get too cold. We have such good times together playing tug of war or fetch with your stuffed animals, Elmer and Sammy. You are very neat so Elmer and Sammy are seldom left on the floor, no wet towels either. I love that you don’t post on Facebook, or text and email; you know how to find me and don’t over-share on social media. You don’t leave whisker hair all over the sink.  I love you most because  you never leave the toilet seat down when you take a leak.  How could I ask for a more loving and compatible Valentine? Those doggie treats that look like mini hot dogs are your Valentine treat. I love you.

Hugs and Kisses,


Your Mom