What Goldilocks Knew

This morning, my wise and tired friend, Susan, said ” I’m too tired to have it all.” She was talking about her frustration with not having enough energy and time to do all the things she wants to do each day. I told her I felt the same way and Bingo!she just gave me the subject for today’s blog! What to keep, what to let go off, and what to explore, are the decisions that create a life. As we age we have less energy and less time to get it right.  Do we still try to have it all?

I think the children’s story, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, has much to teach Susan and I about having it all. Let me explain! The story begins with the 3 Bears ready to dig into the porridge Mama Bear slaved over. Baby Bear whines that he wants berries in his porridge, so off they go into the forest to find berries. Goldilocks (Donald refers to her as the “blonde bimbo”) is out enjoying her morning and comes upon The Three Bears’ house. She’s very curious so decides to check it out. First,we all know she samples each bowl of porridge. Papa Bears’ porridge is too hot, Mama Bears’is too cold, but Baby Bears’is just right, so she eats it all. She finds the chair that is just right, and falls asleep in the just right bed. She doesn’t eat all the porridge,  or sit in 3 chairs pushed together,or sleep sprawled across 3 beds. Goldi practices good self-care and doesn’t settle for less than just right.

Cold porridge, uncomfortable chairs, and lumpy beds just will not do. Goldilocks has fewer choices. She doesn’t need to gather information, and read reviews until she is paralyzed with indecision. Goldilocks knows the answers are within her so does not ask half of Fort Collins what they would do. She gets quiet while she walks the woods; her own truth and honesty guide her. When Goldilocks wakes up and runs away from the Bears, she has no regrets about her decisions. She knows she is just right.

Take that Donald!

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