A Slice of Heaven

When Roger was still able to walk, he and I ambled slowly around the neighborhood. I created a quiz so that Roger had a focus and engaged in conversation. We played a little game I called “Five of a kind”, and I asked him to name five kinds of cookies, or five different birds, or five kinds of cake, etc….  His favorite cookies were oatmeal raisin cookies, especially the ones his Mom made. We both loved the meadowlarks’ song, and the striking blue of the Mountain bluebird.

When Roger was tired of the five of a kind  game we built new worlds. Heaven was his creation, and he picked the food he wanted, his favorite chair to sit in, and even his pick of tv shows. He always put me in heaven with him, even when I was sure  I didn’t belong there.

Now I play my own version of “five of a kind”. I try to  list my gratefuls daily, especially when my world turns to shit. This reminds me to pay attention to what is good in my world. As for Roger, I know he had butter and sour cream on his baked potatoe and a big slice of cherry pie for dessert, because that is what he ordered for his heavenly meal.




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