Make America Great Again!

Donald Trump is a little (everywhere), lyin’, ugly asshole.

I said it, so it is a fact. According to Mr. Rump, bump, Trump, he “alone”can defeat ISIS, and at the same time build a wall paid for by the people he wants to keep out. Right!?   “I didn’t touch her.”Lewandoski …really?

This photo proves that Teds’ wife is ugly and he can target her because..wait for it…wait for it …”He started it !”

I dedicate this post to my husband, Roger, who passed away November of last year. We all miss his wicked sense of humor.  He would have demolished Donald Trump…

2 thoughts on “Make America Great Again!”

  1. Making America great again will require participation of all. Political campaigns like the ones we see unfolding tend to disengage many citizens. How can we re-engage? We can each do our part . . . and writing about it helps. Roger surely would have had some things to say about Mr. Trump. Thanks!


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