How Much is that Doggie?

I have been invited to a retirement party for a very special dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever with soft,reddish fur,and watchful eyes full of love. For her eight years of service, Henna has faithfully cared for her owner Dee, who has MS. Henna has helped Dee keep her balance and brace her on uneven ground and stairs. She has done her job very well, and never goes off duty until Dee tells her she can play. Unfortunately, Henna is getting older and slower, and will get to retire as soon as Dee gets her new dog. Henna will live with Dee and her husband Steve, and spend her remaining dog years being cared for, and just being a dog. Roger and I met Dee and Henna in a chair yoga class. Of course, Henna had the Downward Facing Dog pose nailed! Roger liked to pet Henna, because her fur was so soft and she stood still.

So now, Dee needs to raise funds so she can get that service doggie in the window. They cost a lot because they are carefully raised and trained to do their specialized job. I am thrilled that I have some money given to me in memory of Roger, and I have no doubt that Roger would want the money to go towards a new service dog for Dee. I can see him petting Henna and the smile on his face. He loved all of our dogs with his heart wide open.

Will you please help Dee get her new service dog? Join me in donating any amount you wish so Dee can get the help she needs. I admire Dee for her positive outlook, and she is very funny and makes me laugh. She has amazing courage and resolve to face MS, and not let MS define her.

If you mail any contributions, I will make sure Dee gets them. Payable to: Dee Sullivan
Thank you.

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