Nobody Special

I am bruised. I was ignored at another brutal HOA meeting. Please do me the courtesy of arguing with me, so at least I will be sure that you see me and hear me.

I feel old and discounted. I guess I really am…

Nobody Special

I am still hoping
My 15 minutes of fame
Hasn’t happened yet.
I don’t think it will.

My self -worth doesn’t stick
To my Teflon self.
I slide out and
Make a mess.

The road less travelled?
Too late…
I chose the illusion of security
And that exit was many years ago.

I meet the young and ambitious on the road.
This is the direction I chose.
Wrong way/ one way street/ do not enter.
I am an obstacle in the road.

“Hey old lady
Get out of the way!”
At least they see me
I am not invisible.

I need a big old tree
So I can sit in an elbow
High up and quiet,listening to the birds.
The birds [and my doggies] don’t care that I am

Nobody special.
When I was a child I would ask my Mom who was going to be at an event. She would say “Nobody special, just the families that live around here.” I wonder who were the special ones and why they were special?

1 thought on “Nobody Special”

  1. Your words have captured a feeling I sometimes have too. And I really appreciate the line about self-worth not sticking to Teflon. I guess in ways that non-stick coating protected me over the years, but it also did not allow some of the good to stick. Mom’s words really sold us all short, though that was not her intent. Thank you for writing Danita! I


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