Nobody Special

I am bruised. I was ignored at another brutal HOA meeting. Please do me the courtesy of arguing with me, so at least I will be sure that you see me and hear me.

I feel old and discounted. I guess I really am…

Nobody Special

I am still hoping
My 15 minutes of fame
Hasn’t happened yet.
I don’t think it will.

My self -worth doesn’t stick
To my Teflon self.
I slide out and
Make a mess.

The road less travelled?
Too late…
I chose the illusion of security
And that exit was many years ago.

I meet the young and ambitious on the road.
This is the direction I chose.
Wrong way/ one way street/ do not enter.
I am an obstacle in the road.

“Hey old lady
Get out of the way!”
At least they see me
I am not invisible.

I need a big old tree
So I can sit in an elbow
High up and quiet,listening to the birds.
The birds [and my doggies] don’t care that I am

Nobody special.
When I was a child I would ask my Mom who was going to be at an event. She would say “Nobody special, just the families that live around here.” I wonder who were the special ones and why they were special?

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