Micro Bursts

Micro poetry is just what it sounds like: very short poems about any subject you like. Just for fun (are we having fun yet?), I will look at my stack of books and pick three topics from what I see. 25 words or less

BURN                            Burn  By Linda Howard
My blood boils
Bubbles of troubles.
Blistering skin
Peeling off.
Breathing in
Steam heat.
Dreaming of icy cold water
Swimming in ice cubes.

DROP THE ROCK           Drop the Rock….the Ripple Affect
Carrying this weight                   By: Fred H.
I can’t keep up.
My feet shuffle
Back hurting.
What choices?
It’s so obvious
Let go now…
Drop the rock.

Sweet stuff…
Piles of treasures
And trash.
Surrounded by walls
I built and
Mazes I made.
I am hiding.
Can you find me?
Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding by Randy O. Frost
And Gail Stetekee
I am paying attention to the moment, looking at my books and writing about them. This is a good exercise for me when I am losing my place. The past is gone and the future is not here yet. The only place and time that is real is NOW. Getting lost in the past or the future are options that come too easy for me. I worry about what will happen and regret what has happened. Choices? What choices? My sister,Lisa, is a gratitude guru, and helps me to remember gratitude can give me the gifts of the Present. I love presents!


Lisa’s blog : habitual gratitude.blogspot.com

1 thought on “Micro Bursts”

  1. Thanks for the mention Danita! I don’t know about guru…but I have been practicing for years, and reaping the benefits. I appreciate Present with a capital “P”. It deserves the honor doesn’t it?

    Your micro poems are all good.”Drop the Rock” is my favorite. Let go now to embrace NOW. ☮


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