“May You Always Be Forever Young”

Lately, I have been obsessed with videos, photos of and interviews by Rod Stewart. Yes,that “Maggie May” Rod Stewart. You could call me a super fan.  Young or old, it doesn’t matter, Rod and I are together. By the way Rod Stewart recently turned 76, and I would still answer yes, to his question “Do You Think I’m Sexy?”. I could try to figure out this obsession, but “I Don’t Wanna Talk about it.” I just know he’s “You’re in my heart”. He’s given me “A Reason to Believe” that the Danita today is greater than the sum of my years. I could add up all my years and life experiences, and I still wouldn’t have a clue how I got here, to this Danita, today, August 19, 2021. 

What do I think Rod can do for me now? If I close my eyes I can’t tell if the “Rhythm of My Heart” I’m hearing is sung by Rod at age 30 or last year. He looks older, he is lots older, but somehow he is “Forever Young” to me.  I want to be forever young too, and maybe Rod can guide me. After all he still has lots of spiky hair, it’s his trademark look. At least he has a “look”, unlike me, who is still experimenting with my look. People say that someone  looks “ageless”, but I don’t know what this means. Don’t I want to be “agefull”instead?  Even after all the answers I have found, I have lots of questions that keep coming. Rod seems comfortable in his own skin, relaxed and not self-conscious. He smiles a lot and looks like he enjoys singing and performing, now as much as ever. He often sings some of his classic hits with guest artists the likes of Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks and Elton John, always graciously sharing the stage and also recognizing the musicians and singers that are part of his show. Dare I say it? He seems like a nice guy, a loving husband and father, and— he could be none of these things for all I know! I still believe he’s real and genuine, and I stubbornly cling to this belief. Yes, Danita, you just need to believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and Rod Stewart.

All the things I believe Rod Stewart possesses, I want for myself.  Eureka! I just realized that I look at Mr. Stewart as an excellent example of positive aging. He fills many roles, as performer, husband, father and model railway builder. Yes, you read that right, for over 25 years, Sir Rod Stewart has been building an intricate model of a railway which is set in an American city. It currently fills almost the entire third floor of his Beverly Hills Mansion. In fact, he has frequently booked an extra hotel room while on tour so he can work on construction and landscapes for his model railway. So he has a public passion for his music and also a very personal passion for model railways. And he even has a song titled “Passion”! What I see is someone who has a fire in his belly for creativity, and it is still burning at 76. His very public life is balanced by a rich private life filled with family and model railway construction. 

Since I retired a couple of months ago, I have been constructing a life that doesn’t include paid employment. It seems like all my interests and passions have rushed in to fill the space once filled with my job. I’m learning to be “age-full”. My fingers itch to create, to craft and to write. I’m completely comfortable saying that my son Tyler and my family is my “Reason to Believe.” Friendships are a priority for me, and I am willing to invest my trust and love in them. I won’t be singing “Do You think I’m Sexy”, but I am still a sexual being. My hair is not spiky like Rod’s, but my hair is longer than ever before, allowing for some styling experimentation.  I’ve been finding inspiration to fill my life with riches by watching Rod Stewart’s example. “This Old Heart of Mine” gets many life lessons from Rod Stewart, so I guess you could say I’m a student of Rod Stewart. I trust him. We grew up together.

3 thoughts on ““May You Always Be Forever Young””

  1. I too love Rod Stewart, now even more, that I know he loves model railways! He is inspiring, and wonderful to listen to. I love your insights Danita, speaks a lot for me and I’m sure other 60 somethings!


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