Queen of the S**t Pile

Somehow I lost my ability to post to my original blog”agingtroublesandtreasures”,so I have created a new and improved(?)site”agingwrinklesawonders”.  Please read all of my earlier posts here. I am sorry that my technical disability has caused this mess. Perhaps this disruption in my blogging can serve to create a “before” and  “after”.

My husband,Roger, had Lewy Body Dementia. He died on November 1, 2015. He had just turned 64. We had a wonderful birthday celebration for him in September. He understood it was his special day and he was with people that loved him. Dementia did not steal that day from him, but complications from dementia took his life soon after.  So this is my “after”; my life since Roger died. Of course, Roger will always live in my heart and memories.

Roger Lee Watson

Born: September 22, 1951

Died: November 1, 2015

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