The Donald Trump Fan Club

I HATE Donald Trump! There! I said it. I mean it. I don’t care if hate is not a family value, or this makes me a horrible person. We heard “Truth matters.” early in Trump’s presidency, and I’m telling my truth. Of course, now we know that it is power, not truth, that really matters. 

HATE 1 a : intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury 

Wow, that’s hate alright. This post is not a treatise on why I have “intense hostility and aversion” to Donald Trump.  My son can’t understand how I can hate someone I have never met, but I hate Hitler and I never met him. 

I love sarcasm and biting humor,  but I’m no match for some of the descriptive name calling or criticism of  Trump I’ve read or heard. “The Donald” has generated quite the long list of “slams”. Without further ado:

America’s comedians:

“Angry creamsicle.”   Stephen Colbert

“Decomposing Jack-o-lantern.”  Jon Stewart

“The face of a butternut squash who wished on a  star and became a real boy.” Trevor Noah

“ A dissonant bagpipe powered by farts.” Chris Hardwick

“ Sentient caps-lock button.” Samantha Bee

Political pundits:

“He is the king of the losers and the prince of the lazy, the idol of racists and the champion of the ignorant. He’s as conservative as a chainsaw massacre and represents the grossest and most base of our instincts.” Jason Stacy

If you are filthy rich, racist, sexist, homophobe, transphobe or like being governed by a lying, cheating criminal, his presidency was a giant success. Otherwise, not so much.   Christian Winter

Short and Sweet A-Z:

Adolf Twitler, Agent orange, Benedict Donald, Boiled ham in a wig, Cheeto fuhrer, Comrade Cheet-o-lino, Dehydrated orange peel, Darth hater, Fascist loofa-faced shit-gibbon,Groper-in-chief, Humble cow pie, King of the whoppers, Molester-in-chief, Sociopathic 70-year-old-toddler, Tangerine tyrant, Trumpenstein, Unrepentant Narcissistic Asshole, Walking talking human comb-over, Xenophobic Sweet potato.

Good Question: 

In what way has Trump changed since he’s been in office?

He’s gotten fatter, more openly racist, senile, his speech is worse somehow, he has no actual ability to form a cohesive sentence and relies more on performative action than actual words, he’s stupider, he’s angrier and he’s more of a threat to the country than he’s ever been before in his life. Oh, and hair looks worse.
Lee Butler

What is Donald Trumps middle name?

John (Probably not so coincidentally what a hooker calls her date.)  William Uchtman

I haven’t had this much fun since Trump lost the 2020 election! My personal favorite refers to Trump as a “malignant ass pimple.” And I don’t even feel bad for sharing this.

1 thought on “The Donald Trump Fan Club”

  1. Your extreme hatred is the biggest problem we have in our country today, you are just making it worse, you only know what you are being fed, I still love you ❤


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